Love it and would love to see other iterations. Better than Monopoly. Lot's of fun if you have a group of 6-8+ people and at least and hour I can see how this will be hilarious in the right group; [Clarity of rules were better once we started Haven't yet ordered a copy, but would love to have one!
A good way to intro improvprinciples & dip toes in. Good for ice-breaking and bonding, deepening & warming relationships.
This game made it easy for me to step out of myself & have fun playing in relationship with others. This may not sound like much, but for an introvert, this is significant!
It was fun.I think there was a lot of benefit to all. It's a great way for people to get out of their comfort zones!
Shy to be in front of people without preparation the game push me to be spontantous and open.
Great fun! I do think that making sure everyone plays is important
Not just being nice, having a framework like this is an invaluable training tool for teams like us.
Hopped in halfway through a round and was able to pick up quickly.
I had a blast
This was very easy to grasp as an improviser, rules are very straight forward. Strengths: Provides a method for beginners & experienced to have fun through improve
I think it's lovely! Only played a few rounds but think certain cards
categories are more useful/popular than others.
Overall amazing idea this will be great!
Game flowed well, some instructions weren't quite clear but LOVED the concept!
It brought out a side of these folks that I never saw before
In m job as an activities planner, I would recommend this game.
I think it will be more fun than Charades
1) Where do I order a copy?
2) I think the structure & concept helped a lot, and did a lot of good for our improve group, because we often get lost in own identities and "setting the scene" that the scene quality often suffers. This game went a long way to fix one of our biggest problems!
It was a great game to play. I think it would be great during rehearsals. I really like that you can choose which scene you'd play. Think it would be great to help improve our acting &a great ice breaker
3 points is the sweet spot.I enjoyed it
"I'm not totally convinced you need 'rules'. The prompts are very valuable. The group can use suggestions for game play or just play" Always a lot of fun.
I didn't know what to expect. I'm way out of my comfort zone, it was fun
once I got into it.
I don't keep score. I don't need or want to compete. Fun is good.It's all
As we played and discussed the game, my understanding of the game