Are we allowed to talk during the SCENE?
Are we allowed to plan out the SCENE first?
Nope. Jump in and play pretend. Let it unfold (like Life)
What's the purpose of the Game?
To have fun! For some, this will happen through playing and watching others play for others, (more competitive personalities) winning points is how they will have the most fun for others, exploring new and interesting ways to use the cards will be most fun for them.
How can we make it more fair so that everyone gets equal opportunity to play the game?
You can come up with house rules to make sure each PLAYER gets close to the same amount of play time. This could look like simply choosing the PLAYERS to the immediate Left or Right of each round’s SCENE JUDGE to play the SCENARIO so that there is a method to guarantee equal play. Or Using the Add on SCENE Variation could be an option for this too.
Why are there different Colors of Cards?
We like Colors 🙂 And, this will help organize Card Categories as Future Cards are generated. (For example, we have over 600 CHARACTER CARDS, yet we’ve only printed 101). The Colors allow us to release add ons per category in the near future.
Additional Resources: Keeping score during the game?

From Hilarity to Quality and Connectivity, see who gets the most points throughout the game by downloading our new Score Card!